I've been running this clinic for about 10 years now.  The staff here fluffs my bedding, grooms and feeds me adequately so I've allowed them to stay here as well.  They are always running about helping other animals while I nap up on my bed, monitoring occasionally, to make sure things are running smoothly.  Sometimes I spy on them hiding behind items on the shelf.  I'll occasionally jump down and make my presence known when I want some scratches or to drink from the faucet.  My job is very difficult, they are lucky to have me.

Doodle's Human - Crosby

My human takes me on walks and feeds me. We used to go to events with lots of other dogs and prance around the ring. She isn't at home much because she likes being with other humans, but we still spend lots of time together.  My human adopted me when I was five and we have been living together for 12 years since.I have watched her grow up and she is a good human. 

To honor the needs of every pet. We seek to do so through compassionate and understanding communication with pet parents and each other. We hope to ensure every pets needs are met.

Jill's Human - Fallon, CVT

My human Fallon was born and raised in Oregon. She loves working with both animals and people, which she puts to good use at the clinic. Most days you can find her out and about in Central or Eastern Oregon, fishing or on other outdoor adventures. Sometimes we just relax and enjoy time at home in Bend. 

Midge's Human - Baylee

She loves the clinic and has worked there for over a year. I have a hard time with the many smells I get off of her when she gets home. She has a daughter, my best friend, Taytum. She goes to school full time, is a mom, and a receptionist at the clinic. Even through the busy times, she still makes it all work!

Meet the boss


​I like food. I will do ANYTHING for food. I am a little too big to be a lap dog but I make it work. Did I mention I'll do anything for food? I also like walks, and sleeping on my Humans bed. I take up most of it. I also love riding in the car, but I have a phobia of water of any kind


Aloha, I'm Kai. Dr. Kelley named me because he used to live in Hawaii when he was a US Marine. My name means ocean or sea. It fits because I loooove to relax in the sun! I also like to greet everyone at the door and often get insulted by guests that my personality is more like a dog than a cat. How rude! 


I'm Jilly Will, they call me Jill for short. I'm a German Short-hair Pointer, 2012 addition. I pride myself on being a very active individual. I love running as fast as I can through the trees and over the sage brush. I also enjoy swimming in the warmer months, you don't even have to throw me a stick!


My name is Elmo and I am a poodle mix. I love carrots, and I love to go on adventures! Hiking is one of my favorite activities, along with taking naps on the couch while my human watches TV. I like dogs, but I can be selective. So most of the time I tend to fly solo. I enjoy sunbathing and dipping my paws in cold streams.

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meet the alpine pets and their humans

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Kai's Human - Alan P. Kelley, DVM / Owner

My human Dr. Kelley is gone from our house all the time during the week! It's awesome!! My sister and I Chirp have cat parties while he is out. He always comes back smelling like other cats and dogs when he gets home?! We think he may have another family somewhere? He's a pretty nice guy though. He feeds us well and lets us sleep on the bed. He also helped me feel better the last time I got real sick.

Elmo's Human - Katherine

My owner is so much fun, she always takes me outside to play! She is always in the kitchen making yummy treats, and sometimes she slips me some scraps! She recently move me here to Bend and we are loving this cold white stuff all over the ground, she calls it snow. When she isn't working or taking me out to play, she loves to snowboard.


Hi, my name is Midge. I'm a Pomeranian/ Chihuahua just now reaching my golden years. You wouldn't guess it though by spending time with me! I still run, hike and camp like the best of them. Now that I'm older, I just tend to make sure I'm up on my nap times as well as  my senior blood work. So far I'm aging with flying colors!

Meet the alpine pets and their doctors


 I'm having another great day!  I'm Bodie...Cheyenne Bodie.  I am 8 months old and love everything and everyone.  Dr. Hill is trying to teach me manners...it's going very well I think.  My favorite thing to do is play.  When not playing, I am thinking about playing.  I can't believe all the interesting smells I find...every morning I detect new friends that have visited my yard during the night! 

core values

Our approach to veterinary care is personable, proactive and tailored to whole life wellness care of your animals. We strive to ensure all animals are offered a range of services specific to their lifestyle and that pet care providers are well informed as to what preventative measures are recommended in Bend. A preventative approach ensures a decrease in lifetime cost of health care while extending your time with and increasing the quality of life of your furry (and non-furry) family members.

Mission statement

Bodie's Human - James R. Hill, DVM

 I live with Dr. Hill and his wife Lisa.  They depend on me to help them on their acreage.  It's a big job but I make things a lot easier for them.  We love to explore the Pacific Northwest in our RV.  I let Jim do the driving.